5 Things That Are Secretly Stressing You Out

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, and can’t figure out why? Here are the top 5 cheeky things in your life that may be heightening or inducing your stress levels without you even knowing!

1. Your Cellphone
Surprise! Although the thought of being without your phone might freak you out, it is actually the number 1 secret stress causer in your life. Constant checking, downloading, uploading, stalking, comparing, texting, emailing and phoning is enough to give anyone a headache! Waking up and checking your phone seconds after switching off your alarm is also a complete stress inducer. – am I right?  Make it your routine to only check your emails, messages, and social media accounts AFTER you have woken up properly, and you are ready to face the day. For me, this means after I have showered, gotten dressed and brewed my first cup of coffee.
If your secret stresser is more of a full time phone problem, I recommend making a commitment to yourself to only checking your social media platforms once an hour (or longer, if you can hack it!). There are a few tips and tricks to get through this.
Get a HOBBY! Create a really long, annoying password, e.g; ” OmG1mY1CaT1RoCks12345″ to try and deter yourself from unlocking and OCD checking. Be PRESENT. Enjoy what you have in the moment, and spend quality time with the real people you are with.

2.  Your Bedroom
Supposed to be the one calm and collected place in your house, our bedrooms often harbor the majority of our ‘do later’ items. Piles of laundry, old magazines, dirty clothes or plates, messy piles of books or notes, cables everywhere… You get the idea. Clutter in your sleeping area IS clutter in your mind. Not only can this make you feel subconsciously (or consciously) anxious before you sleep, but it actually affects how you sleep too – and thus, your stress levels during the day.
If you have a generally messy living area, try to keep at least your room neat and tidy. I dislike tidying and cleaning as much as the next person, but once my bedroom looks like I want my mind to (clear, peaceful) I immediately notice my stress levels lowering.

3. Multi-tasking
Being a ‘yes’ woman is AMAZING. It really opens so many opportunities. But sometimes, this can be JUST the problem. Too much on your plate, even if you feel you are handling it, leads to immense stress levels and self doubt. In our 20s, and especially with social media constantly feeding our FOMO syndrome, we want to experience and do as much as possible ALL the time. When was the last time you really focused 110% of your energy into something? I know I can’t remember. Even right now, I am typing this post, reading my to-do list, checking and re-checking my emails, scrolling through facebook, and thinking about the supper I promised my other half I would cook tonight – Guilty as charged! YOU time is extremely important no matter what your age. Next time you are trying to accomplish a task, or give your all to something, shut down every distraction and do what you NEED to. Not only does this save time, but it leaves room for you to enjoy your free time – a much needed tool in your rest and energize routine.

4. Lighting
Surprise! How you look at yourself in the morning can affect your entire day. Is your bathroom light flattering? Or does it accentuate every single little imperfection that you perceive yourself to have? Starting the day with negative self confidence can hurt, and negatively impact all of your decisions thereafter. Asked to take on a really great project at work, but doubting yourself? Blame the light – and get it changed, quick! Every girl likes to wake up feeling her best.

5. Celebrity Gossip
Although it can be fun and a little bit addictive to see what your favorite celebrities are up to, this actually can equate in a huge amount of hidden stress. Much like stalking acquaintances or friends on Facebook, celebrity gossip opens a door into another life, which in our day and age means COMPARING. Next time you are catching up on your celebrity gossip, and you begin to feel self conscious, remind yourself that these women have personal trainers, hairdressers and make up artists that follow them around wherever they go, and MUCH to much drama for a normal person to handle. Comparative actions can be the biggest secret stressers!


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