25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25

After many conversations with friends, family and strangers, there have been a few common themes as to what we should all do before we turn 25. After some research, I’ve come up with a list that sits well with me. What do you think?

1.  Cook a meal from scratch for your friends.
Why? Because you want to show off your kick ass Master Chef skills, or die trying. Nothing says that a friendship is appreciated more than a home cooked meal (or burnt potato, but the thought is still there!). Stock up on the wine, and there won’t be any complaints.

2. Take a trip. On your own.
There’s nothing better than getting to know yourself. If you can’t spend time with only you, then who will? You might get a few squint looks talking to yourself, but that part is optional.

Tell the one that got away. Come clean about something you did – fess up. Apologize to someone who you hurt.

4.  Experience an all weekend party.
Your liver will never be better than it is in our twenties. Don’t abuse it, but at least once in your life know what it is like to spend an entire weekend sipping on cocktails and creating crazy memories with your friends and loved ones.

5. Go to a music festival and camp there.
Nothing can explain the energy and vibe at a weekend or week long fest. Portaloos, passed out strangers in your tent, hippie clothes and watching your favorite bands – why not?!

6. Let go of a friendship, and make a new one.
We change a lot in our twenties. Some people come with us, some don’t – and for good reason. Let go of people who don’t lift you higher.

7. Experience a different religion, faith or belief system.
Open your mind – there are billions of people in this world, each one with a story to tell.

8. Spend an entire day in your pajamas.
Sometime, you just need a staycation. Push ‘play’ on the remote, take a bar of chocolate, and cuddle under your duvet on the couch.

9. Do something selfless.
Pay it forward, baby. Pay a stranger’s bill. Send a friend a grocery card. Give a cupcake to your waiter. Share a genuine compliment. Get rid of your old clothes. Ask someone how their day was, and really listen.

10. Have a bad or embarrassing relationship.
Just so you can see how far you’ve come!

11. Learn to be alone
There is a difference between being alone, and being lonely. Make your own happiness before trying to give it to anyone else.

12. Write a letter to your future self.
Capture your passion, enthusiasm, energy, and dreams to remind yourself of who you you are, or who you were at this stage in your journey.

13. Train like a beast – look like a beauty.
Our bodies are positioned to be in their prime in our 20’s. Capitalize on this, and set your body up for life. Get your health foundations right.

14. Be passionate about something other than yourself.
Charity? Animals? Wildlife? Nature? Photography? Cooking? Anything, Find your niche, and do it.

15. Go on a blind date.
You will learn more about yourself than you do about the other person.

16. Try your dream job.
Want to be a CEO? Find one you know (ask your family for any connections) and organize to spend a day with them to see what life really is like to separate your dream from reality. Volunteer to learn more about the position you want to be in, and work towards achieving it.

17.  Sunbathe topless.
Why? Because like your liver, your girls will never look better than they do now. You don’t need to do it in public.

18.  Read at least one classic book.
And if you can’t, watch the movie. Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Wind in the Willows.. You get my drift?

19. Learn how to be a mentor or a role model.
Someone will need you to be strong for them, whether it be inspiring them to reach a dream, holding their hand while they cry, or being there to support them, you WILL be needed. Perfect this skill while you are still young.

20. Find a mentor/role model
You will need someone to look up to too (or, to hold your hand!)

21. Do something taboo.
A tattoo? A piercing? Something with handcuffs?? …. Get away with it while you still can.

22. Experience something world famous.
Tomorrowland, Oktoberfest, Woodstock, the Serengeti Migration.. Do something that will be remembered in history, and know you were there.

23.  Conquer a fear.
Hate heights? Skydive. Hate sharks? Swim with them.  It’s the simplest, and often most overlooked way to grow.

24. Buy your parents dinner.
By 25, you should have a steady paycheck. Whether it’s the Ritz or tacos on the beach, buy your parents dinner to say ‘thank you’ in it’s purest form.

25. Like yourself.
Start to cement who you are. If you are not happy with it, change it, and then cement that. You are the only person you need to like fully and wholly.

What do you think, am I missing anything? Have you done any of the above?! Let us know.


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